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Rebellion,Corruption and the Coalies!!

  The Stranded -By Sarah Daniels Rebellion,Corruption and the Coalies!! The Stranded by Sarah Daniels is a standalone futuristic novel set in 2094.The story set aboard the Arcadia ship,where passengers have been stranded for years due to fears of a deadly virus. My favourite character are Esther and May Crossland,they are both strong female’s who stand up for what they believe in. All the characters felt real and you have real empathy for the passengers on the ship. My favourite scene is when Esther decides to help the rebellion and finally everyone realises she is more like her sister May then they realised. The book had me gripped from the beginning and I was rooting for the rebellion to succeed . Despite not being a genre I usually read,I absolutely loved this was fast paced and kept my interest the whole way through.A real page turner This book is listed as a young adult but is suitable for the general adult market too and would appeal to anyone who likes futuristic books o
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New Idea,A New Job and A New Romance!!

  A New Dawn Over Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke   New Ideas,A New Job and A New Romance!! A New Dawn Over Mulberry Lane is Book 8 in the Mulberry Lane Series,this book can be read as a standalone novel.This story focuses on Dr Shirley,Maggie,Freddie,Fay and Jon,Peggy and Maureen’s Children and grandchildren. My favourite character are Maggie and Freddie,they both seem to know what they want from life and want to work hard to get it.All the characters are very believable and like the fact the author has continued the story of Mulberry Lane now using the younger characters.The only character I took a dislike to was Jon,I thought he was quite devious even though he was only a child My favourite storyline in the book was involving Dr Shirley her career,I’m looking forward to reading further books to see her story continue All the characters featured prominently in the book with their own storylines entwined together. I didn’t find anything about this book disagreeable,both the story and th

Marriage,Discovery and Home is Where the Heart Is❤️

  To Love and Be Loved  by Amanda Prowse Book Review  To Love and Be Loved  Book Review  ❤️ Marriage,Discovery and Home is Where the Heart Is  ❤️ To Love and Be Loved is a standalone novel by Amanda Prowse.The story is set in the picturesque Cornish town of Port Charles and focuses on the lives of Merrin Kellow and her family. My favourite character was Merrin (Merry) Kellow,she was so believable and her story was brilliantly told.I also fiesty Bella,Merry’s best friend,I found her excitable nature infectious. My favourite part of the book was when Merry realised that Port Charles was her home and she didn’t need to be afraid of it. Part of the book made me laugh,and part of the book made me cry,which is the perfect combination.I loved reading the description of the stunning Cornish scenery. If you love beautifully written emotive fiction then this book is for you. Bookworm rating  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Links  Love Book Tours  Kelly A Lacey  Amanda Prowse To Buy 

🇦🇺Accusations,Transportation and Quilts!!🇦🇺

  The Convicts Wife -Book Review   🇦🇺 Accusations,Transportation and Quilts!! 🇦🇺 The Convicts Wife is Book 1 in a new historical saga series by author Libby Ashworth. This book is based on real life events and focuses on falsely accused Thomas Holden,who is transported to Australia and his Wife and daughter Molly and Annie,who are at home in England.. My favourite character Molly,she always tries to stay positive even when the odds were stacked against her.All the characters felt real,I must say I kept feeling quite frustrated at Thomas’s character as he kept asking for things,then either not wanting them,or complaining that things arrived too late,so I felt quite sorry for Molly. I loved the bit in the book when Molly started gaining independence and earning her own money,and felt with her the pride,when she achieved what many thought not possible. All in all I loved the story and it made the story more poignant as it was based on true events. The only thing I really disliked abou

Relationships,Broken Hearts and Healing!!

 Mine Now Baby - Arc Book Review ❤️Relationships,Broken Hearts & Healing!! ❤️‍   Mine Now Baby is the second book in the Broken Souls series written by Anna White.Although you could read this book as a standalone it is better to read book 1 to truly understand the characters.This book once again focuses on the complicated relationship of Chloe Conway and Juve Vens. My favourite characters once again are Chloe and Juve,they such great characters and you really feel for them as they both try to excavate their feelings to find the path to true love. My favourite part of the book was when Chloe finally faced her fears,and was able to move on with her life. Once reading you won’t want to put it down as you are swept up in Chloe and Juve’s story,and ultimately you can’t wait to find out if they both find their happy ever after!!. I throughly recommend this book to anyone who  Loves reading emotionally charged angst ridden  romance. Bookworm rating❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍  Links Anna White

🐝Butterfies,Bee and Bright Coloured Pollen!!🐝

    The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee -Book Review 🐝 Butterflies,Bees and Bright Coloured Pollen!! 🦋 The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee is book 1 in the Butterfly Bee Lady series,written by IG Oliver.This book focuses on Butterfly bee Lady and her relationship with Bramley Bee as they fight within the dragonflyers to save their family. My favourite character is Bramley bee,he is such a strong character and will do anything to save his family. My favourite part of the book was when Bramley met Butterfly bee lady,their relationship was really heartwarming. I found the ending really tear jerking ,but beautiful at the same time,and I’m looking forward to reading more books in the series. This book is aimed at children aged between 7-10,but I think adults would equally like reading the book too.If you loved Charlotte’s web,then this book is for you. Bookworm rating  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Links  Love Book Tours   Kelly A Lacey Ventorros Press IG Oliver To Buy

A Disappearance,A Love Story and Agatha Christie!!

  The Christie Affair by Nina De Gramont-Book Review   📖 A Disappearance,A Love Story and Agatha Christie!! 📖 The Christie Affair is a standalone novel written by Nina De Gramont.The story is based on the disappearance of crime novelist Agatha Christie and what happened during the days of her disappearance.The book also tells the story of Agatha’s marital nemesis Nan O Dea. My favourite character has to Nan o Dea,I really connected with her struggles through life and the character had so many layers which were explored in the book,using Nan’s backstory. The story kept me gripped the whole way through,as the book took on several twists and turns along the way. My favourite part of the book was murder mystery element within the book,which I wasn’t expecting,and I thought it was a great twist All the book was written superbly,and kept my interest throughout. I cannot find one fault with this book.The characters were well rounded ,the story was engaging and kept my interest and the twist